Adventure Mountain Hunts

A Premier Booking Agency.

Adventure Mountain Hunts is a premier booking agency that only trusts its hunters with the top outfitters in the hunting industry World Wide. The owner, Cole Kramer of "Kramer's Kodiak Guide Service" based out of Kodiak Island, Alaska, has developed relationships with many of the top outfitters & understands what is expected of outfitters & their clients in the mountains, back at camp, getting you & your hide & horns home safely.

Matching hunter & outfitter is crucial to their success in their adventure.

Booking agents are a dime a dozen as we all know, & will only deal with outfitters that are paying their commissions. It's more important to us to see hunter paired accordingly to the adventure he seeks & get the excited satellite phone message that his or her adventures were a success.

Message From the Owner:

Hello & thank you for your interest in our service! My background as a guide started in 2002 fresh out of high school from the Midwest & seeking adventure on Kodiak Island. I was very blessed to have started visiting Kodiak Island since the age of eleven to visit family that was there as Coast Guard getting the opportunity to hunt & fish a few times before moving in 2002. I was hired as a greenhorn packer for Mountain Goat, Sitka Blacktail Deer & Brown Bear. I wanted to soak up all the knowledge I could for Kodiak & over time expanded my experience throughout the state guiding hunters for moose, sheep, caribou, & grizzly bears. Visiting many of the top outfitter's lodges, cabins & tent camps I was able to see what worked & what didn't, what clients were pleased with & what they weren't... A fantastic experience to say the least. In 2006 I started Kramer's Kodiak Guide Service, a guide service mainly focusing on "hardcore" backpack Mountain Goat & Sitka Blacktail deer hunts & a few brown bear hunts in my areas. I never wanted to cut ties with many of the top outfitters I guided for especially for Brown Bear, so I continued guiding & bringing hunters to them on Kodiak & the Alaska Peninsula, where I believed each had the very best areas & offered a wide variety of accommodations for the hunts.

Throughout time going to many outdoor shows I developed many relationships with amazing outfitters throughout the world & have gone & visited their camps hunting myself & guiding hunters & expanding my knowledge world wide.

When my hunters sit in camp with me & ask me advice on where to go, Its not taken lightly. I want them to safely come back & hunt with me in my camps or ask for my advice again & again with great results.

Thank you for your time & we look forward to sharing an Adventure with you!

- Cole Kramer / Owner

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